Admissions…STEP ONE

After reviewing the philosophy, mission statement and policies of the Academy, and/or visiting the Academy, those interested in pursuing enrollment must complete a registration form and arrange for an interview. STEP TWO – INTERVIEW The student or students must be present with at least one parent. It is strongly recommended that both parents attend. This session may last from one-half hour to two hours, depending on the number of students and the number of questions asked. At this time the headmaster will explain the philosophy of the Academy and the expectations we have of our parents. Evidence of a sincere desire on the part of the parents to support the entire program must be observed. Parents are afforded the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about the Academy. The attitude of the child, depending on age and other factors, may be taken into account. STEP THREE – HEADMASTER EVALUATION / PLACEMENT The student will then be evaluated by the headmaster or a teacher to determine proper grade placement, and to assess any obvious deficiencies or aptitudes. An entrance exam for elementary, junior-high and high-school students is required. STEP FOUR -PARENTAL AGREEMENT AND TUITION CONTRACT The parental agreement form must be signed and returned with the tuition contract. STEP FIVE – RECORDS All medical records and official school or home-school documents must be submitted by the deadlines established by the Academy for enrollment to be officially in force.
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    Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy
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  • About OLSHA

    An independent, grades K-12 college-preparatory school loyal to the Magisterium.

    Passing on our Catholic and Western Heritage through the classical liberal arts.