Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy is a non-diocesan, non-profit, independent, private school rooted in a classical academic curriculum and teaching students from grades pre-K-12, administered and staffed by Catholic laymen and incorporated under the laws of Illinois. Independent of the Diocese of Rockford, the school is not an agency of and is in no way connected or affiliated with the Diocese of Rockford or any church; however, as faithful, practicing Catholics, the school trustees, administrators and full-time teachers joyfully sign an oath of fidelity to the Magisterium and a profession of faith to the Catholic Church.

Phone: 815-399-3021

3445 Elmwood Road

Rockford, IL 61101


Our Mission Statement

We strive to form saints and leaders rooted in the immutable truths of the Catholic faith, appreciative of their Western heritage and religious traditions, and inspired to bear witness to others of the hope that is within them.  We challenge each student to pursue perfection in holiness and excellence in academics as we strive to rebuild the culture through truth, faith, and service.            


Our Philosophy 

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy is committed to the philosophy of educating the whole person through the formation of the will, the intellect, and the character in the light of the Catholic faith. Each student is seen as a precious gift from God whose eternal goal is Heaven. We direct all of our actions to the greater glory of God, and to training our students to recognize and follow his will in a challenging academic environment rooted in the classical liberal arts tradition. This education cultivates wisdom and virtue, and exposes students to the good, the true, and the beautiful. It is designed to form individuals free from the political agendas and opinions of others, free to make correct judgments and decisions based on objective truth and a properly formed conscience.     


Our Objectives

  We shall consider the objectives of the Academy first as a school with a Catholic philosophy; second as a school teaching students in the primary and secondary levels of education; and third as a school forming citizens of America. As a school with a Catholic philosophy, the Academy has the following objectives:

    1.  To develop in our students a profound understanding of the Catholic faith, and a deep knowledge and love of God;

    2. To encourage them to grow in personal holiness by developing and practicing a life of prayer, by receiving the sacraments frequently and devoutly and by modeling their lives on those of Christ, his blessed Mother and the saints;

    3. To foster an unwavering loyalty and devotion to the Holy See and the teaching of the Magisterium of the Church;

    4. To help them to grow in understanding and appreciation of the liturgical and cultural traditions of the Catholic Church;

    5. To promote the dignity of human life from conception to natural death through a decidedly pro-life culture and activities;

    6. To provide the intellectual and moral weapons our students need in order to go out into our secular, materialistic society and transform the culture of relativism and death into a culture of truth and life;

    7. To foster refinement in manners, speech and dress in accordance with Catholic ideals, and to lead students, in accordance with their Catholic heritage, to select and promote only what is good and wholesome in art, music, drama and other forms of entertainment;

    8. To encourage them to develop as leaders, especially as moral and religious leaders, through the personalization of and commitment to truth, and the application of Christian principles to personal conduct and public life.

As a school teaching students in the primary and secondary levels of education, the Academy has the following objectives:

  1. To teach students to think intelligently, critically and wisely;

  2. To teach students to express themselves confidently, with clarity and competence;

  3. To develop habits of orderly thinking through the medium of an analytic study of language, particularly the Latin language;

  4. To promote character by insisting upon responsible application to study and submission to intellectual and moral discipline;

  5. To promote an intelligent appreciation of beauty;

  6. To promote physical health as part of a well-rounded education;

  7. To promote proper social attitudes and habits that reflect a truly Catholic way of life.

As a school forming citizens of the United States of America, the school has the following objectives: In general, to develop a knowledge and appreciation of our American heritage as a republican form of government, and to foster loyalty to American ideals; In particular, it seeks to develop pupils:

  • Who appreciate the fact that America was founded on the sound principle that man has received from God inalienable rights which the state has not given and cannot take away;

  • Who insist that the American government exists for the benefit of the individual citizens, and not the citizens for the benefit of the state;

  • Who will participate actively and conscientiously in the government of our country whether as voters or as officials;

  • Who will contribute to the formation of wise public policies and to the solution of public problems;

  • Who understand their responsibility to promote the general welfare, realizing the effect of their actions upon the lives of others;

  • Who dedicate their lives to advancing the social reign of Christ the King in the United States of America.


We strive to produce the “true Christian… the supernatural man who thinks and acts constantly and consistently in accordance with right reason illumined by the supernatural light of the example and teaching of Christ” (Pope Pius XI, Christian Education of Youth). The goal of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy is to lead students to a knowledge and love of God. We direct all our actions toward the honor and glory of God through the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.