Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy is a non-diocesan, non-profit, independent, private school rooted in a classical academic curriculum and teaching students from grades pre-K-12, administered and staffed by Catholic laymen and incorporated under the laws of Illinois. Independent of the Diocese of Rockford, the school is not an agency of and is in no way connected or affiliated with the Diocese of Rockford or any church; however, as faithful, practicing Catholics, the school trustees, administrators and full-time teachers joyfully sign an oath of fidelity to the Magisterium and a profession of faith to the Catholic Church.

Phone: 815-399-3021

3445 Elmwood Road

Rockford, IL 61101


Parents of homeschooled students may choose to enroll them in one or several courses at the academy.


Students may attend classes for all five days of the week, or they may choose between one and four days of attendance. Schedules are flexible as long as students complete the required work each week. See tuition tab for detailed costs.

Students whose academic programs meets the standards of the academy’s and have been approved for credit, may enroll to participate in sports programs without taking a course. Please speak with administration for details on this program.

Standard Class Cost: $700

Choir Class Cost: $350

*All payments are due before the semester begins.

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