Daily reading should be an integral part of a child’s life, and while students in grades seven and eight are required to read five books, and students in the high school are required to read seven books over the summer, the Academy encourages students to read all of the recommended books on the attached list. A reading log is also attached for students to record books read over the summer. Our goal is that students should read wholesome literature for a minimum of two hours each day over the summer. There is a direct correlation between increased time spent reading and higher grades!!
Students entering grades seven through twelve will be accountable for their reading through data sheets that should be turned in throughout the summer, and they will count toward a percentage of the first quarter’s grade. Please do note that each of these data sheets will count for a grade; thus, you may begin the new school year with five A’s, five zeroes or some combination thereof. You should e-mail, mail or bring the first sheet to school by June 15, the second by June 30, the third sheet by July 15, the fourth and fifth by July 30 and the sixth and seventh by August 15. Of course, you may turn them in sooner, if you complete the reading and sheets earlier than the required dates. Students who fill the entire reading log (reports are not required after the five or seven data sheets have been completed) will receive two free homework passes.
The books listed on the following pages have been carefully selected to encourage spiritual growth, build character and correspond to the students’ upcoming courses in the fall. The books may be found at the Academy or at the Rockford Public Library, or purchased online at Amazon, ABEbooks.com or Emmanuel Books or from another book store. If necessary, families may wish to partner, buying different books and then sharing them with one another. Additional reading selections that correspond to next year’s courses will be posted on the website this summer. Students who enroll after August 15 are required to read one book. Enjoy your reading, and have a wonderful, grace-filled summer holiday. See you in the fall!
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